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A surgeon’s skill and experience can greatly influence the outcome of knee replacement surgery. Dr. Brad A. Cucchetti of Phoenix, Arizona, is a highly-trained and skilled orthopedic surgeon with extensive experience with the procedure. His patient-focused philosophy is founded on the belief that proper care starts with the patient’s individual needs and goals. He will recommend the best surgical option available for you and your lifestyle. Call Cucchetti Orthopedics today or request an appointment via our convenient online booking portal.

Knee Replacement Q & A

What is knee replacement surgery? 

Your knee joint is formed by your thigh bone, your lower leg bone, and patella or kneecap. It’s held together by tendons, ligaments, and tough connective tissue that keep the bones in place and the joint functioning normally. The ends of the leg bones are covered with a protective material called cartilage that cushions the bones and keeps them gliding smoothly during motion. The cartilage is kept lubricated by a membrane that produces synovial fluid that prevents friction as your knee moves.

Arthritis, most commonly osteoarthritis, can eventually wear away the protective cartilage and result in bone meeting bone as your knee joint moves, resulting in significant pain and loss of function. During knee replacement surgery, Dr. Cucchetti uses specially designed plastic and metal components to resurface the portions of your knee damaged by arthritis. Successful knee replacement surgery restores function and eliminates pain, which allows you to return to your previous level of functioning.

How long before my knee is back to normal after surgery?

Every case varies but most knee replacement procedures require a hospital stay of 1-2 days, followed by several weeks to a few months of rehabilitative therapy before functioning returns to normal. Rehab starts shortly after surgery. A therapist develops a treatment plan that starts with gentle exercises and proceeds to standing, walking, etc depending on Dr. Cucchetti’s recommendations and your level of healing.

Once you’re released from the hospital, it’s important to follow a home treatment regimen designed by Dr. Cucchetti to improve your knee mobility one day at a time. Along with home exercise, your rehabilitation will likely include a structured program that requires routine visits to a physical therapist. Following instructions carefully and participating fully in the rehabilitative process speeds recovery time and can greatly affect the success of total knee replacement.     

Are there different types of knee replacement surgery?

There are different surgical methods for knee replacement surgery that provide the same results. One technique is less invasive and thus reduces pain after surgery and speeds recovery time. With minimally invasive surgery, Dr. Cucchetti makes a smaller incision, about half the length of the incision used in traditional surgery, and detaches fewer muscles in the process. Not everyone is a candidate for minimally invasive knee replacement. Dr. Cucchetti will carefully consider the options for you before making his recommendation.  

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