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Arthroscopic Surgery

Brad A. Cucchetti, DO -  - Orthopedic Surgeon

Brad A. Cucchetti, DO

Orthopedic Surgeon located in Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Brad A. Cucchetti of Phoenix, Arizona, offers his patients arthroscopic or minimally invasive surgery for orthopedic conditions that once required open surgery and extended recovery times. As a highly skilled and experienced orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Cucchetti is a long-time advocate of arthroscopic surgery for his patients due to the benefits it provides, such as decreased pain after surgery and quicker healing process. If you’d like to know whether arthroscopic surgery is right for you, contact Cucchetti Orthopedics today to schedule an appointment.

Arthroscopic Surgery Q & A

What is arthroscopic surgery? 

During arthroscopic surgery, Dr. Cucchetti makes a small incision in the treatment area and inserts an arthroscope into the incision. An arthroscope is a specialized surgical instrument equipped with a tiny camera that transmits images to a screen in the operating room. This provides Dr. Cucchetti a high-resolution image of the affected area. He then makes other small incisions, typically two or as many as necessary, to insert different surgical instruments to repair the damage to your knee, shoulder, or other region causing you trouble.

What are the advantages?

Once used as a diagnostic tool to give surgeons a better look at a damaged joint, advances in surgical instruments and techniques makes arthroscopic surgery a preferred method for many conditions, such as meniscal tears or rotator cuff issues. It won’t work for every situation, but the smaller incisions and less invasive technique means less pain and fewer complications for the patient. Since it is considered surgery, the procedure must be performed in an operating room or surgical center, but patients rarely need to stay overnight.

Generally, recovery time is much faster with arthroscopic surgery than traditional open surgery. It may take several weeks for a joint to recover fully from arthroscopic surgery, and Dr. Cucchetti may place limitations on strenuous activities for a period of time, but many patients return to work or school just a few days later. He also may recommend a period of rehabilitation that includes physical therapy designed to restore and maintain joint function and health.

What is “open” surgery?

Open or traditional surgery requires Dr. Cucchetti to make a large incision that allows access to the damaged joint he’s treating. This requires cutting through the skin layers and other soft tissue structures surrounding the injured region. This necessary “assault” on the area increases the amount of pain you experience afterward. It also slows recovery time since it naturally takes larger incisions involving several layers of tissue longer to heal. Open surgery also requires general anesthesia and at least one overnight stay in the hospital.

Am I a candidate for arthroscopic surgery?

Many orthopedic conditions are amenable to arthroscopic repair, including knee, hip, and shoulder problems. Dr. Cucchetti will make recommendations regarding which surgical approach best suits your condition following a full examination and diagnostic workup.

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Cucchetti Orthopedics accepts most major insurances and Workers' Compensation Insurance. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed.

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